Outline VPN Info and How To

OutlineVPN.com is an unofficial resource for guides and introducing OutlineVPN

Outline is an open-source project for managing the deployment of a "Shadowsocks" VPN making it easy to secure phones and computers with end-to-end encryption for users of the open internet (or to get around certain Firewalls of Great sizeā€¦)

Why should you care

There are a lot of practical reasons that make VPNs a great tool to secure your online activity and protect devices from Man-in-the-Middle attacks, or just the general encumberances of a State-controlled internet (🦃).

However, VPNs have also been annoying to setup on your own. If you've never edited firewalls or setup a Tuntap interface, be glad.

The Outline team has taken the pain out of the process for 95% of use cases, which is pretty amazing.

How to Setup Outline VPN in 5 Minutes

Step One: Outline requires you to have a webhost to deploy on. They support Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Google Cloud with one-click installs. Other hosts that offer common Linux distros and give you access to ssh can also be used.

Don't have a host? Register here using our link for $10 free credit on DigitalOcean.

They are a reliable and affordable host for Outline. You can use the $5/monthly plan, but it is prorated, so it's about 17 cents a day, if you just want to try it out..

Step Two: Download the Outline Manager, which includes the one-click install scripts from GetOutline.org

Step Three: Install Outline Manager and follow the steps, using your Hosting Provider. They'll do everything for you (if you're doing one-click) and the rest will be downloading the official apps (IOS Store Link, as an example) and adding your friends or other devices to your server's accepted devices list.

buon appetito!

OutlineVPN.com is an unofficial resource for guides and introducing OutlineVPN